Protecting Legal Plan Members

Our law firm manages two legal services plans which have been approved by the Michigan Bar Association.  Click on either of these links below to gain more information about how you can join these low-cost legal service plans.

These plans offer unlimited phone consultation with a licensed attorney and also include assistance in drafting collection letters, reviewing contracts and employee handbooks, among many other types of legal services.  The cost of the annual membership in these plans is typically less than 2 hours of most lawyer’s hourly rate.

Here are some examples of services included in these annual fee plans:

  • Unlimited phone consultation with a licensed attorney on issues pertaining to your business and on personal legal issues of the executives and owners.
  • Reviewing and drafting the company employee handbook being used to reflect the current law and to contain provisions which protect the employer to the extent allowed by law.
  • Reviewing and drafting the company job application to determine if certain protections are included for the employer such as a shortened time periods for the employee to bring a claim.
  • Reviewing and drafting customer contract terms and conditions to include liability limiting provisions.
  • Sending collection demand letters to nonpaying customers.
  • Working with regulators on licensing issues and corrective action plans.
  • Responding to the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, EEOC or Department of Labor on written complaints by former employees.
  • Consulting on training employees on anti-harassment and workplace conduct so as to limit liability of the employer.

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