Protecting Employers

Employers today are in a less than enviable position when it comes to complying with the plethora of federal, state and local laws pertaining to the employment relationship. At our last count the number of statutes potentially applicable to Michigan employers exceeded 40. Managing the legal compliance process can be a daunting task.

Our firm specializes in only representing employers. We do not represent employees or former employees. Our focus is to apply our extensive expertise to advising employers on how to maintain compliance with employment laws and to limit liability in the event a lawsuit is filed.

We represent municipalities and multiple-location franchisees as well as manufacturing companies, retail businesses, wholesalers and other types of business in this complicated process. Some of the things we do:

  • Looking for sample documents? We can help.
  • Looking for help in training employees on anti-harassment and discrimination? We do this all the time.
  • Need representation in a case filed by a former employee with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, EEOC of Department of Labor? We have been involved in hundreds of such cases.
  • Wanting to know how well your company would fair in an audit by the Department of Labor of our wage and hour / overtime practices? We regularly conduct such reviews for our employer clients.
  • Wanting to know how best to contest an unemployment claim filed by a former employee? Yes, we can help.
  • Confused on whether your business insurance protects you for employment related claims? Our attorneys know what to look for in employment practices and directors and officers liability insurance policies and can advise you.

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